modular wooden house


We have designed an interesting wooden modular house. The house is architecturally and ergonomically refined. We used wood, which is an ecological, durable and resilient building material. The list below of advantages of our Ecocube Smart house:

1. Prefabricated modular house, prepared in the hall within 2 weeks, assembled and finished within 1 week on the site

2. Use of wood – no electrostatic charges build up in the home

3. High level of finishing of the house elements

4. All installations inside the house walls

5. Very good thermal insulation – the house is warm and energy-saving

6. Easy extension of the house by adding additional modules

The area of ​​1 module = 26.48 m2

The area of ​​2 modules = 53.81 m2

The area of ​​3 modules = 82 m2

7. Reinforced concrete basement of the house provide insulation and protection against flooding

8. Possibility to strengthen the house structure to protect against strong winds

9. Possibility to install rainwater tanks under the house between the foundations

10. Very good roof slope angle for a 40st solar installation (houses A1, B2, B3)

11. Possibility to configure the house functions through the sliding door

12. Modern and exceptionally characteristic look of the house

13. Possibility to disassemble the house into elements and transport it to another place

14. The cost of the house is lower compared to a brick house


Modell A

Modell B

Modell C

Modell F5+